Understanding Restorative Medicine

Jul 01, 2022
Understanding Restorative Medicine
Have you ever heard people talk about “body chemistry?” This general concept describes the substances at work in our body, like hormones and nutrients, that keep us healthy and strong. It’s also at the core of restorative medicine practices.

Conventional medicine loves to focus on specific parts of the body and isolated diseases or symptoms: If you have a headache, you take a pill to mask the symptom. But our bodies are far more complex and interconnected than that. 

Restorative medicine focuses on the very interconnectedness of the human body and how its highly complex systems work together. With its wide-ranging approach, restorative medicine aims to correct the cause of the symptom, not mask the symptom itself — and it provides a far more personalized form of healthcare in the process. 

Our team at Salutem Bio-Performance, Inc. helps people in the Monterey community of California reach optimal health at the cellular, systemic, and genetic levels with restorative medicine. 

Introducing restorative medicine

Restorative medicine is about helping the body achieve balance, which means considering all aspects of health and wellness, from your body chemistry and genetics to your environment and hormones. 

Hormones are invaluable substances in the body that function like little chemical messengers. They transport crucial information from the brain to glands, from glands to cells, and from cells back to the brain again. It’s not an overstatement to say that they control every single part of the body, including:

  • Metabolism and energy
  • Growth and development
  • Sexual function and reproduction
  • Cognitive function and mood
  • Sleep-wake cycle

Your hormones also control homeostasis, or your body’s continuous state of internal balance. Functions that fall into this category include blood sugar, blood pressure, electrolyte balance, and body temperature.

There are more than 50 identified human hormones, and even a slight imbalance can cause significant problems, including chronic diseases affecting all aspects of the body, from your digestive and respiratory systems to your nervous, cardiovascular, and immune systems.

Unfortunately, the aging process can significantly impact chemical balance within the body. Restorative medicine strives to correct these imbalances to repair damage, optimize health, and promote longevity.

How restorative medicine works

When in balance, the body has the remarkable ability to repair damage and heal itself. A familiar example involves the response to a scrape or cut — an injury your body repairs on a cellular level. 

Restorative medicine works in a similar way, except there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone. Instead, our team takes a personalized approach to determine the most effective targeted treatments to help restore balance and health to your body or heal a specific injury. 

In fact, restorative medicine is an ideal treatment approach for a full scope of health problems, ranging from chronic systemic diseases and musculoskeletal disorders to sports injuries and orthopedic degenerative conditions.

We also offer aesthetic restorative treatments designed to address cosmetic concerns like hair loss, skin degeneration, cellulite, and stubborn pockets of fat.

As a result, your restorative medicine plan could include a variety of therapies, such as:

These approaches enable us to provide whole-person, targeted care that supports health, healing, and optimal wellness, instead of just treating the symptoms of a condition.

With restorative medicine, you can rest easy knowing that you receive the right targeted treatment at the right time so you can look and feel your best. To see how restorative medicine can support your health, contact our team at Salutem Bio-Performance, Inc. in Monterey, California, to schedule a consultation today.