Aesthetics services offered in Monterey, CA

Optimizing the aging process means addressing appearance using proven restorative medicine therapies. At Salutem Bio-Performance Inc. in Monterey, California, Mary Bilbro, FNP-BC, BC-ADM, CDCES, and the team provide aesthetics to support healthy aging on the inside and out. The multidisciplinary practice offers skin rejuvenation and hair growth treatments, as well as shockwave therapy. To find out more about aesthetics at Salutem Bio-Performance Inc., call or schedule a consultation online today.

What are aesthetics?

Aesthetics at Salutem Bio-Performance Inc. refers to the anti-aging therapies the team uses to minimize the impacts of aging and improve overall health by healing the body on the inside and out.

Aging is a biological process that affects every system in your body. When you think about aesthetics and aging, you may think only about the visible signs of the aging process: fine lines and wrinkles, loose skin, and thinning hair. 

At Salutem Bio-Performance Inc., the team takes aesthetics to the next level. They not only address the visible signs of aging to restore a more youthful look, but also the internal effects aging has on your body.

By addressing the whole body, the team improves how you look and feel. 

What are the aesthetics treatments?

The aesthetics treatments at Salutem Bio-Performance Inc. include proven restorative medicine therapies that optimize the aging process. These treatments include:

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

PRP is a compound made from a sample of your own blood that contains a high concentration of platelets. Platelets are tiny blood cells that not only stop bleeding, but also contain growth factors and biologically active proteins that ignite your body’s natural healing cascade.

Salutem Bio-Performance Inc. uses PRP for skin rejuvenation and hair growth. For skin rejuvenation, PRP improves tone and texture, restoring a more youthful look. For hair growth, PRP reactivates dormant hair follicles, improving hair growth, thickness, and health. 

Shockwave therapy

Shockwave therapy, or extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT), is a noninvasive therapy that uses shock waves to promote healing. Salutem Bio-Performance Inc. provides shockwave therapy to rejuvenate skin and minimize the appearance of cellulite.


Mesotherapy is a treatment that involves injecting vitamins and plant extracts under the skin to improve the visible signs of aging. Salutem Bio-Performance Inc. also uses mesotherapy to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat.

Lifestyle medicine

When it comes to establishing and maintaining your health and well-being, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Salutem Bio-Performance Inc. uses lifestyle medicine (nutrition, exercise, and sleep, as examples), as well as integrative medicine, to create personalized plans that help you feel well, live well, and age well. These plans support aesthetics by improving your internal body systems. 

What type of aesthetics is best for me?

The team at Salutem Bio-Performance Inc. takes a very personalized approach to care. The type of aesthetics that are best for you depend on your individual needs and ultimate goals. 

The multidisciplinary team works closely with you, designing a proactive plan that helps you look and feel your best, while optimizing the aging process.

To schedule an aesthetics consultation at Salutem Bio-Performance Inc., call or book online today.